About us - Propulsion Carrière


Propulsion Carrière: an employability training firm.

How it works

The way a practice firm works is simple: we model the business on existing firms to provide an experience that reflects the labor market. Candidates take on a role in the company just as they would in their day-to-day work. Indeed, they are in charge of purchasing, sales, accounting, marketing, communications, secretarial work, human resources and information technology; everything is there! You can consult the list of our free training courses in Saguenay.

Although it is a practice business, real business is done. Sales are made, invoices are issued, and everything must balance at the end of the month.

To ensure the realism of Propulsion Carrière, our business model is based on Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux and Morilles Québec.

Propulsion Carrière in statistics

80% of participants find a job during their internship

90% of participants who find a job keep it for a long time.

Job search assistance

The ultimate goal of the practice firm is to obtain a job before the end of your internship. For this reason, we have several resources available to you to help you in your job search. In addition, approximately 20% of your internship is allocated to job search activities.

After the internship, if a candidate does not obtain a job immediately, Propulsion Carrière makes sure to follow up and provide the necessary assistance to enter the labour market. Therefore, the participant is not left on his own after his internship.

Obtain and keep your job

This mode of operation allows a placement rate of over 80%. Moreover, about 90% of the people who have found a job are still working for the same company 6 months after their internship at Propulsion Carrière.

In summary, Propulsion Carrière is an excellent springboard to enhance your career. Our internships programs allow you to obtain technical training and work experience!